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We will be shooting in Comanche, texas this march.


Curtis Carter building the Comanche Tipi

Curtis Carter specializes in the history of Native American tipis, specifically Cheyenne. He brought his poles and canvas to the set of Thistle Creek, setting up by himself in record time. Associate Producers and Comanche experts, Kim Wieser and Rance Weryackwe dressed the interior and educated the crew on Comanche tipis. 


Night scenes at the Cunningham Homestead in Comanche County, TX

The Cunningham homestead was established in 1854. In the 1980s, Lee Lawrence, a descendant of the Cunningham family, restored the house to its original stature. The house is on the Texas Historic Register as well as the National Historic Landmark Register.


Red Steagall's Covered Wagon

A major theme in Thistle Creek is the undeniable presence of settlers disturbing Comancheria in Texas. As an homage to some of our favorite films like Kelly Reichardt Meek's Cutoff, we wanted to include the recognizable image of the covered wagon. The renowned Texan poet and musician, Red Steagall, generously lent us his 1800s covered wagon, fully equipt with all the fixin's.